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Si tu as expérimenté l'un de nos services, participé à l'un de nos programmes ou événements, ou acheté l'un de nos livres, audios ou jeux de cartes, et que tu aimerais nous partager un témoignage, nous t'invitons à nous écrire au

Nous le lirons avec grand plaisir.  
“I adore Marc and Sylvie, two magnificent beings who will help you reach your sacred potential. I was lucky enough to receive a channeling session from them and I was totally delighted by this unique and virtual meeting! Thanks to their accompaniment as a duo, I made an extraordinary inner journey: an initiatory journey to connect to the heart of my being by crossing the quantum field. I had the grace to reconnect with my divinity… - my goddess! -, to become aware of a deep ancestral wound, to then let go of false beliefs.
It was magical, constructive and totally liberating at the same time.


Their inspired and caring approach is geared towards seeing our unlimited potential. Since this session, I feel my light shine even more intensely (refined intuition, joy and fullness in the present moment). I have acquired the conviction that I will be able to carry out with courage, daring and creativity my soul mission and create my life in harmony with my aspirations ... and even beyond, because the possibilities are endless. Immense gratitude for this meeting of souls and hearts. "

- Lyne
“Dear Sylvie and Marc, I am very grateful for your excellent support during the 3 interactive channeling sessions that I offered to myself. This sumptuous gift allows me to intensify my intuition and to open myself more to the energy of light. I have since been able to meet my greatness. I have tears in my eyes. WoW!

In addition, I also benefited from the Webinar “A life guided by its grandeur” which is a little gem. Its content is fluid and allowed me to concretely experience the scenarios coming from the mind and those generated by my Greatness. I went from doubt to trust. It will help me in my decision making on the best path to take. Congratulations to you both !!! "

- Claude
“I recommend Marc and Sylvie for their support filled with respect and kindness in opening up our spiritual and energetic potential. In 3 sessions with them, I experienced an exponential growth in my capacities of channeling and connection where they took care to always leave room for my own path. Two blessed souls that I had the chance to meet on my path of light ... "
- Pascale
“I just felt a surge of Love towards you and all this beauty that you are participating in co-creating and I wanted to convey it to you in writing more than energetically! I am sincerely grateful for this beautiful accompaniment that you offer me and that you offer to my brothers and sisters on the Path of Awakening, and I feel that each of our meetings is a carrier beyond who I am able to consciously conceive ... Thanks again for everything! Full of love towards you! "
- Genevieve
It was in an experience of great openness and global deployment that I was supported by Marc and Sylvie! With two Beings of such greatness, I had an experience which allowed me to have access to so much more than I could imagine !! In this experience I even developed my channeling abilities with Light Guides, which I didn't even know was possible. WOW! The accompaniment of Marc and Sylvie allowed me to recognize all my Greatness and to connect firmly with luminous and new vibrations in my daily life. Today, deploying myself fully in my daily life and embodying my deep essence is my conscious way of life! I highly recommend Marc and Sylvie on the path to your development! "
- Claire

“Marc and Sylvie, thank you so much for the fabulous trip you allowed me to take during our consultation (interactive channeling) ... Since that time, I travel every day from one universe to another. I feel free as the air and I am so good, happy and without limits. ”

- Muriel

“I feel really privileged to have had the opportunity to do a channeling session with Sylvie and Marc. As a result of this beautiful and unique meeting, everything opened up in me; the doors all presented themselves and opened. What a beautiful experience of liberation thanks to Marc and Sylvie who were able to guide me in this unforgettable experience! They are people that I really appreciate in my life, beings of light. Thanks to you two. I like You."

- Bruno

“I have lived the interactive channel with you and it has been a wonderful experience of discovering my roots and my Essence. Honestly, if I had been told what I explored and discovered about my roots and my mission, I never would have believed it. I had to see it and find it on my own to believe it since I experienced the direct connection. And your step-by-step accompaniment helped me a lot in this inner journey to let my light take all the space (not 70%, but 100%). "

- Stephanie

“Wow !!! What a wonderful experience ... I had the great privilege of living an interactive canalization session, accompanied by two extraordinary beings. A meeting inside my depth ... That of my essence !!! The connection to my light .... I recommend these two beautiful luminous souls guardians of this sacred space !!! A moment of pure peace and RENAISSANCE ... Give yourself this gift. Gratitude Marc and Sylvie. "

- Chantale

« Merci encore ! Grâce à vous deux, j’ai des ailes à mes souliers... Ma séance avec vous a été incroyable, remplie d’énergie. Après une excellente nuit de sommeil, ce matin j’étais en feu ! Le résultat est tellement bénéfique... On dirait que j’ai retrouvé l’énergie de ma trentaine... Vous êtes wow. C’est génial ce “moton” que vous m’avez permis d’enlever en moi... Je me sens si léger et si heureux... !!! Encore merci, quel beau cadeau !!! »

- Louis


« Grâce à vous deux, pendant le Webinaire de canalisation, j'ai reçu beaucoup et suis depuis sur un merveilleux nouveau chemin. Que ce soit le Webinaire (hyper génial !) ou le replay de vos canalisations, à chaque fois je suis transportée et ma vie s'est transformée. Mille mercis, gratitude infinie. »

“The encounter I had with you helped me to connect to this force within me and to remember what is there, available to me. (…) Thank you, you helped me increase the connection, as if we had made an adjustment… I went from 120 V to 240 V… ”

- Brigitte

“These 2 Beings with a big Heart offer us wonderful tools in order to transmit us a beautiful knowledge, either by attending their workshops or by listening to the channels in order to awaken our consciousness to all that the Universe offers us! Thank you for your involvement in our well-being ”

- Jocelyne

“I am calmer and more centered in the present. Thank you ! It was a great experience ... in a rather special and fantastic universe! Unforgettable, that's the word I remember. You are wonderful guides. Thank you for the inner journey. "

- Mylène

“I signed up for Parcours 5 (Global Deployment) training as soon as I received a newsletter that contained an ad from Marc and Sylvie. It was the sign I was waiting for! This support is extraordinary not only for the information received, but because Marc and Sylvie are wonderful teachers who make everything “normal” and accessible! Just WOW my experience. Thank you. "

- Annie

“My meeting with Marc and Sylvie was magical. An unexpected and quite revealing experience. I experienced all kinds of emotions during the channeling. Marc and Sylvie help us reconnect with our gifts which are sometimes well buried deep within us. An unforgettable moment in my spiritual quest ... Thank you! ”

- Julie

“A magical moment for a Reconnection with myself. "

- Fairouz

“I wanted to say a big thank you for the great session last Friday. Your presence and your love have helped me to open up. "

- Ugo

“An experience close to the heart, I recommend it to everyone. "

- Jonathan

“Vibrations of love and travel beyond all borders guaranteed. Thanks again you are awesome. "

- Michel

“A precious help to go to the discovery of your deep essence. I warmly recommend them. "

- Manon

“Thank you (Marc and Sylvie) for having accompanied me in 2020 to see more clearly on this path which is mine. "

- Frédéric

“Thanks to you I feel normal with my visions. "

- Annie

“I want to thank you for your excellent book 'Towards a Unified State of Consciousness'. It took me all day to read it and I understood a lot; thanks again. The CD… WOW! The first meditation (…) I had chills all over my body, it was magic. I have never felt such an emotion. Thank you so much. Namaste! "

- Pascal

“Every morning I visit a portal in your book 'Towards a Unified State of Consciousness' with aura healing music and it really makes me feel good. I feel like I have someone by my side who helps me and understands me. I really like the way this book is written. […] Thank you again and you have much to be proud of this work. "

- Véronique

“The best gift I can give myself is to feel all this beautiful energy that is deep inside me, to let it emerge around me, to realize that I can be 'grounded' (connected) to the earth that supports me. . Discover my strengths and let myself be guided to what is good for me. Surround myself with what I like and especially find my place, my X, my record as Sylvie says so well. This is the start of a new very enriching experience… ”

- Participant during a group channeling evening

“The evening that Marc and Sylvie made us live was simply incredible. A beautiful immersion in this intriguing universe, but which has so much to offer and to share with each of us! The experience transports us through all kinds of ranges of emotions, to make us come out grown and serene !!! "

- Participant during a group channeling evening

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