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The genesis of the Institute

Towards the end of 2019, we personally experienced a great acceleration in our process of expanding consciousness as we began to channel star beings from various origins (planes, densities, dimensions, parallel realities). These experiences of powerful and revealing connections allowed us to make quantum leaps in our understanding of the human being and in our perspective of existence, while transforming our daily lifestyles. This experience was so strong for us that we felt the impetus (and received the clear message to take action) to set up support services that we called the Interactive Channeling and the Alliance Channeling (via our Marc and Sylvie website).

Quickly, the project to create the Institute manifested itself and, once again, we responded to the call of the guides. Indeed, it seemed imperative to us to share the teaching and education that humans should have received since birth in order to allow the even more rapid expansion of their potential, by transmitting the knowledge and wisdom of the Alliance members.

A great way to save you years of research and personal development processes!

Welcome !


… is that of a humanity naturally open and benevolent towards all that exists, every one being deployed in their full Greatness (their light) and living permanently in a state of expanded consciousness which favors the integration and the unification of matter (the physical part) and the subtle (the vibratory part).


It is also that of an Earth whose transmuted collective consciousness is part of the Interstellar Alliance, recognizing and welcoming beings of all densities and origins (planets, dimensions, planes, parallel realities). 


… is to prepare humanity to deploy in all its Greatness to collectively transmute and promote the emergence of the New World, more specifically:

  • helping humans to live from states of expanded consciousness and a clear vision of their incarnation, reminding them who they are and reconnecting them with their potential;

  • by helping them to concretely develop their capacities of perception and connection to their Greatness, to the consciousness of the Earth, to the different collective consciousnesses as well as to the beings of the stars, in order to familiarize them with these energies (vibratory signatures) and to allow them to adapt to it;

  • imparting guided and channeled teachings on the mechanics of existence and several aspects of galactic and terrestrial life;

  • by offering support and sharing our knowledge and experiences as humans and Ambassadors.


… offer an alternative teaching formula, a personal development approach framed by Alliance guides and focused on concrete experimentation integrated into daily life on earth, aimed at bringing out the human of tomorrow as of now by:

  • promoting profoundly fulfilling transformations;

  • propelling an expansion of consciousness aligned with the accelerating frequency rise of our galaxy;

  • exponentially developing the potential of humans, among other things through the deployment of their faculties and capacities of perception;

  • helping individuals to harmonize their vibratory frequencies with those of star beings of all densities and origins (planets, dimensions, planes, parallel realities), starting by tying to their own natural frequency, that of their Greatness;

  • allowing to integrate the "mindset" of the human of tomorrow and evolve as Builders of light


“WOW! I have never experienced this. It is UNIQUE.

There is nothing that looks like this. "

“I LOVE your approach!I have seen it nowhere else and experienced things from it. "

"Do you realize what you're doing?" IT'S BREATHTAKING! The way you guide us, the right words… a journey that transforms. "

“You get people to TAKE BACK THEIR POWER. I did not expect that. WOW! "

"You THROW me to the ground.
I'm on the ass! "

"I really didn't think I was going there ...


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